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December 15, 2017
India faces painful move to cleaner energy

Uncha Amirpur, India (AFP) Dec 10, 2017
Subedar Singh bears the scars of India's painful reliance on dirty power and its struggle to pay for the costly transition to the brave new world of solar and renewable electricity. Last year, the farmer walked into a field in his village and suffered 70 percent burns to his feet and ankles from an underground coal fire caused by a nearby power plant. Singh said he dragged himself out of the field and then fainted from the searing pain. The people of Uncha Amirpur in the northern Uttar Pradesh ... read more

Nuclear fusion project faces delay over US budget cuts: director
Washington (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
The head of the multinational nuclear fusion project known as ITER, in Washington for talks with President Donald Trump's administration, has warned US budget cuts could delay completion of the experimental reactor. ... more
NASA Selects Three Companies to Develop 'FabLab' Prototypes
Washington DC (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
NASA is taking the next step in the development of a space-based, on-demand fabrication capability by partnering with three U.S. companies, under NASA's Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partn ... more
Sri Lanka hands over debt-laden port to Chinese owner
Colombo (AFP) Dec 9, 2017
Sri Lanka Saturday handed over a deep-sea port to a Chinese firm, in a deal agreed to boost the cash-strapped island's finances that has raised concerns at home and abroad over Beijing's growing influence. ... more
Nepal's Communist parties poised for election landslide
Kathmandu (AFP) Dec 11, 2017
Nepal's Communist parties were headed Monday for a landslide win in elections seen as a turning point after two decades of conflict, political instability and disaster that have crippled the Himalayan country. ... more
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Five elephants killed by train in India
New Delhi (AFP) Dec 11, 2017
A train has struck and killed five elephants as they crossed over tracks at a tea plantation in northeast India, an official said Monday. ... more
China says Indian drone 'invaded' its airspace, crashed
Beijing (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
China lodged an official protest with India on Thursday after charging that an Indian drone had "invaded" its airspace before crashing, months after the two sides ended a tense border standoff. ... more
Native groups fight to save land, culture from rising tides
Washington (UPI) Dec 5, 2017
The land that the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Indians call home is sinking. Without help, the unique cultural traditions of the native people of Southern Louisiana could be washed away. ... more
Smog should stop play, Indian doctors tell cricket bosses
New Delhi (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
Cricket organisers must take pollution into account before allowing matches to go ahead, the Indian Medical Association told the country's governing body for the sport Thursday, after a smog-plagued Test match in New Delhi. ... more
Spaceflight Prepares to Launch Eleven Spacecraft on India's PSLV-C40
Seattle WA (SPX) Dec 05, 2017
Spaceflight, a satellite rideshare and mission management provider, has announced it will be launching 11 spacecraft in early January from India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). Spacecraft i ... more
Doctors say no to sport in Delhi as cricketers choke in smog
New Delhi (AFP) Dec 5, 2017
Unprecedented scenes of Sri Lankan cricketers wearing face masks have reignited debate about hosting major sports in heavily polluted New Delhi, where doctors are increasingly vocal about the health risks posed by smog. ... more

Around 50 leaders set for Paris climate summit

Europe backing climate ambitions with capital
Washington (UPI) Nov 29, 2017
The European Union is putting money behind its rhetoric on climate change through partnerships in Germany and in India, the commission said Wednesday. ... more
Cricketers flounder in New Delhi's hazardous smog
New Delhi (AFP) Dec 4, 2017
Indian and Sri Lankan cricketers battled through hazardous smog levels in a Test match Monday as New Delhi authorities faced scathing criticism over their lack of action to combat pollution. ... more
16 dead, 100 missing as cyclone hits India, Sri Lanka
New Delhi (AFP) Dec 1, 2017
A powerful cyclone has killed at least 16 people across India and Sri Lanka, uprooting trees and cutting power for millions amid warnings Friday that the storm would intensify. ... more
India, Sri Lanka cyclone death toll rises to 26
Colombo (AFP) Dec 2, 2017
Thousands took to relief camps in Sri Lanka and southern India on Saturday to escape rising floodwaters after a cyclone killed at least 26 people. ... more

Draken International to buy surplus South African fighters
Washington (UPI) Dec 12, 2017
South Africa's state-owned defense company, Denel SOC Ltd., is selling 12 surplus Cheetah fighter jets to Draken International, a U.S.-based tactical fighter training company. The sales contract, announced Tuesday by Denel, includes return to service and flight acceptance tests in South Africa and aircraft delivery to the United States. The company is also pursuing post-delivery logisti ... more
Ottawa (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
Canada to buy 18 used Australian jetsw
Doha (AFP) Dec 10, 2017
Qatar signs $8-bn deal to buy 24 Typhoon fighters from UK
Washington (UPI) Dec 8, 2017
Bell-Boeing awarded contract for materials, support of V-22 Osprey
Denmark sets milestone for EV charges
Washington (UPI) Dec 14, 2017
The Danish market for electric vehicles set a milestone with more than 1 million charges and 36 million miles since 2014, a utility provider said Thursday. German utility company E.ON said it's leading in the Danish market with its 1,300 charging points. Since 2014, the company said more than 1 million drivers charged up their vehicles at E.ON stations and it's now working on partnershi ... more
San Francisco (AFP) Dec 14, 2017
US prosecutors confirm Uber target of criminal probe
Singapore (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
Singapore launches electric car-sharing service
Beijing (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
Chinese auto giant to end petrol vehicle sales by 2025
US void hard to miss at Paris climate summit
Paris (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
Two years ago to the day, US secretary of state John Kerry shared in the cheers and champagne in Paris as world powers sealed a landmark global climate accord. Returning to the French capital Tuesday for a follow-up summit, he cut a bitter and disappointed figure. The United States' commitment to fighting climate change - something both Kerry and former president Barack Obama hoped woul ... more
Paris (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
To save climate, stop investing in fossil fuels: economists
Washington DC (SPX) Nov 08, 2017
Improving sensor accuracy to prevent electrical grid overload
Washington (UPI) Oct 23, 2017
Japan faces challenges in cutting CO2, Moody's finds
New test procedure for developing quick-charging lithium-ion batteries
Munich, Germany (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
When lithium-ion batteries are charged too quickly, metallic lithium gets deposited on the anodes. This reduces battery capacity and lifespan and can even destroy the batteries. Scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Forschungszentrum Julich have now presented a process that, for the first time ever, allows this so-called lithium plating process to be investigated directl ... more
Sao Paulo, Brazil (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Research dispels misconception of superconductivity in niobium compound
Houston TX (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Rules for superconductivity mirrored in 'excitonic insulator'
Binghamton NY (SPX) Dec 13, 2017
Scientists create stretchable battery made entirely out of fabric
Defects found at China nuclear reactor project
Beijing (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
Defects were found in equipment for a third-generation nuclear reactor under construction in southern China with the problematic parts being replaced, the state-owned China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) said Wednesday. The issue concerned equipment used in one of two new European Pressurised Reactors (EPR), large units designed to offer improved power and safety. With EPRs in Finland ... more
Mainz, Germany (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
Mainz physicists propose a new method for monitoring nuclear waste
Sydney, Australia (SPX) Dec 13, 2017
Australian waste treatment technology plays major role in management of radioactive waste
Kincardine, Canada (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Bruce Power Contracts Major Industry Suppliers for Steam Generator Replacement Project
Herschel Data Links Mysterious Quasar Winds to Furious Starbursts
Noordwijk, Netherlands (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Astronomers have used ESA's Herschel Space Observatory to solve a decades-old mystery about the origin of powerful cool gas winds in the hot environs of quasars. The evidence linking these powerful winds to star formation in the quasar host galaxies may also help resolve the mystery of why the size of galaxies in the universe appears to be capped. Since their discovery in the 1960s quasars ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Most Distant Supermassive Black Hole Found
Vienna, Austria (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
New manifestation of magnetic monopoles discovered
Washington DC (SPX) Nov 30, 2017
Quantum-emitting answer might lie in the solution
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China exports surge in November as trade tensions flare
Beijing (AFP) Dec 8, 2017
China's exports surged more than twice the expected pace in November, official data showed on Friday, as tensions with its largest trading partners flare. The healthy trade data is welcome news for the world's number-two economy as Beijing looks to tackle industrial overcapacity, winter pollution and a ballooning debt pile. Exports jumped 12.3 percent year-on-year to $217.4 billion, blow ... more
Beijing (AFP) Dec 14, 2017
Winter cuts dent China's industrial output
Hong Kong (AFP) Dec 14, 2017
Marvel or mishap? Hong Kong's troubled mega bridge
Buenos Aires (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
US, EU and Japan up the pressure on China at WTO
US military touts drug lab air strikes in Afghanistan
Washington (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
The US military on Tuesday touted its air campaign to destroy Taliban drug facilities in Afghanistan, saying it was impacting cash flow to the insurgents. According to Air Force Brigadier General Lance Bunch, US and Afghan warplanes have destroyed 25 drug processing labs since the campaign started on November 20. "This equates to almost $80 million of drug money eliminated from the kingp ... more
Baghdad (AFP) Dec 8, 2017
Iraq Kurds denounce PM for comparing them to jihadists
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) Dec 6, 2017
Car bomb hits Iraqi Kurdish area, causing deaths: party official
Moscow (AFP) Dec 4, 2017
Russia says provided air cover for Kurdish militia in Syria
UCI scientists unveil new satellite-based global drought severity index
New Orleans LA (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Just in time for the holidays, researchers at the University of California, Irvine and other institutions are rolling out a new satellite-based drought severity index for climate watchers worldwide. Relying on data from NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment mission, the index adds terrestrial water storage (groundwater) to drought assessments, augmenting commonly used tools most o ... more
Paris (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
'We're losing the battle', Macron tells Paris climate talks
London, UK (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Space Climate Observatory agreed ahead of One Planet Summit in Paris
Paris (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
Investors turn back on fossil fuels at Paris climate summit
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Boeing to support Air Force's minuteman program
Washington (UPI) Dec 13, 2017
The Boeing Company has been awarded a modified contract to support a minuteman force development evaluation test flight program for the U.S. Air Force. The deal, announced Tuesday by the Department of Defense, is worth more than $40.6 million and modifies a previous contract award to procure mod 7 wafer instrumentation support kits. The kits are used to enable size and weight red ... more
Washington (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
Putin, Trump discuss N Korea in phone call
United Nations, United States (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
US envoy Haley to present 'irrefutable evidence' on Iran
Beijing (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
Dennis Rodman: Trump and N. Korea's Kim 'pretty much the same'
Poisoned syringes fired at pet dogs for China meat trade
Shanghai (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
Poisoned syringes that could be fired at dogs on the street to kill them instantly were sold by a gang in China, allowing pets to be snatched and sold for the dinner table, state media said. Police in the eastern province of Anhui arrested eight gang members, alleging they sold 200,000 of the syringes throughout China filled with a large dose of the muscle relaxant suxamethonium. The buy ... more
Beijing (AFP) Dec 14, 2017
Chinese dissident's widow sends desperate letter
Manila (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
Philippines's Duterte offers third telecom slot to China
Beijing (AFP) Dec 11, 2017
Former Chinese leadership contender faces graft probe
US, Britain, France seek details on Russian arms to C. Africa
United Nations, United States (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
The United States, Britain and France on Wednesday asked that a Russian request to send light arms to the Central African Republic be put on hold as they seek more information on the shipments, diplomats said. Russia has asked the UN Security Council for an exemption to an arms embargo on the Central African Republic (CAR) to allow the arms to be shipped to its armed forces. The first d ... more
United Nations, United States (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
Russia asks UN for green light to send arms to C. Africa
Ramstein, Germany (AFP) Dec 6, 2017
Tillerson plans Africa trip for early 2018
Maseru, Lesotho (AFP) Dec 2, 2017
Regional force deploys to Lesotho over security concerns
Medical issues affect British army readiness
Washington (UPI) Dec 6, 2017
Nearly one in five British army troops cannot perform full combat duties because of illness, injuries or other reasons, news reports from England said. /> Of the 18,000 active-duty troops affected, only about 10,000 could only take part in certain combat operations. Conservative Member of Parliament, Andrew Bowie, a former naval officer, uncovered the figures through a written ... more
Washington (UPI) Dec 1, 2017
U.S. Army to upgrade weapons on Abrams tanks
Washington (UPI) Nov 30, 2017
Data-collecting device could make for better training of soldiers
Washington (UPI) Dec 1, 2017
Public-private partnership to speed up military technology development
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Ocean of Things Aims to Expand Maritime Awareness across Open Seas
Washington DC (SPX) Dec 07, 2017
The internet of things connects an ever-growing number of smart devices for up-to-the-minute monitoring and tracking of many common events. Head out to most parts of the open ocean, however, and no such capability exists for real-time monitoring of maritime activity. DARPA has announced its Ocean of Things program, which seeks to enable persistent maritime situational awareness over large ... more
Durham NC (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Electromagnetic water cloak eliminates drag and wake
Ottawa (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
Canada rejects Fincantieri-Naval Group warships offer
London (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
Queen inaugurates new 'best of British' aircraft carrier
NASA Establishes Advisory Group for National Space Council
Washington DC (SPX) Dec 13, 2017
NASA has established a new advisory group on behalf of the National Space Council that will represent the expertise, interests and perspectives of non-federal aerospace organizations to the National Space Council. The official charter for the Users' Advisory Group (UAG) was signed by acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot on Dec. 6, and subsequently announced in the Federal Register. I ... more
Palo Alto, CA (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
PARC to Partner with Commercial Space Leader to Accelerate Space R and D
Paris (ESA) Dec 15, 2017
Paolo Nespoli returns to Earth
Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan (AFP) Dec 14, 2017
Two astronauts, cosmonaut return from five-month ISS mission
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