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April 28, 2017
Sri Lanka overturns ban on adopting elephants

Colombo (AFP) April 26, 2017
Sri Lanka said Wednesday it was overturning a ban on adopting baby elephants, drawing sharp criticism from the animal protection lobby. Elephants are revered as holy in the mainly Buddhist nation, where the high-maintenance beasts have become a status symbol for the wealthy elite. The animals are also kept by temples for use in religious ceremonies, and the ban had led to worries there would not be enough tame elephants for Buddhist pageants. "Wildlife conservation is good but we also need ... read more

India's coal plant plans conflict with climate commitments
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 26, 2017
India will not be able to meet its Paris climate agreement commitments in the coming years if it carries through with plans to build nearly 370 coal-fired power plants, a new study finds. "Ind ... more
The Nepal quake survivors who can never go home
Rasuwa, Nepal (AFP) April 25, 2017
Nepal marked the second anniversary of a devastating quake on Tuesday with rebuilding finally under way, but thousands of survivors still living in flimsy shelters have been told they can never return home. ... more
Indian Space Agency Comes Up With an App Indicating Solar Power Potential
New Delhi (Sputnik) Apr 26, 2017
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has developed an Android app that will show the solar potential of a given location in any part of the country. The app was developed to support the cle ... more
Can we see a singularity, the most extreme object in the universe?
Mumbai, India (SPX) Apr 21, 2017
A team of scientists at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, India, have found new ways to detect a bare or naked singularity, the most extreme object in the universe. Wh ... more
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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
India dreams of harvesting lunar dust to power fusion rectors
New Delhi (Sputnik) Apr 24, 2017
ISRO is working on mining lunar dust, which is rich in Helium, and transport back it to India, said Dr Sivathanu Pillai, an ISRO scientist who earlier worked as the chief of the Indo-Russian venture ... more
Sky and Space Global 3 Diamonds integrated to launch pod in the Netherlands
Sydney, Australia (SPX) Apr 23, 2017
announce the successful integration of its 3 Diamonds nano-satellites into the launch pod of Innovative Space Logistics BV in the Netherlands. The 3 Diamonds will be transported from the premi ... more
India to Launch Carrier Rocket With Higher Payload Capacity in May
New Delhi (Sputnik) Apr 24, 2017
The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) plans to launch a carrier rocket capable of lifting heavy satellites in May, ISRO Chairman Kiran Kumar said on Wednesday. "Next month, we have sch ... more
Nations team up to protect ancient heritage from terrorism
Athens (AFP) April 24, 2017
Ten countries formed a new group Monday aimed at protecting ancient heritage from extremism of the kind that saw the Islamic State group lay waste to Syria's historic Palmyra. ... more
Indian minister ridiculed as bizarre drought plot backfires
New Delhi (AFP) April 24, 2017
An Indian politician who attempted to cover a dam in sheets of polystyrene has been left red-faced after his bizarre water-saving scheme backfired. ... more
Research sheds new light on forces that threaten sensitive coastlines
Bloomington IN (SPX) Apr 24, 2017
Wind-driven expansion of marsh ponds on the Mississippi River Delta is a significant factor in the loss of crucial land in the Delta region, according to research published by scientists at Indiana ... more

MH370 'mostly likely' lies north of search zone: experts

Sri Lanka bans anti-garbage protests after dump disaster
Colombo (AFP) April 21, 2017
Sri Lanka has outlawed protests over Colombo's garbage crisis following rallies over the city's waste disposal after a landslide at a giant rubbish tip killed 32 people and destroyed 145 homes. ... more
Nepal quake injured stalked by disability two years on
Kathmandu (AFP) April 23, 2017
The day after Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake, Samrat Basnet opened his doors to the wounded as hospitals overwhelmed with thousands of victims had to send away those without life-threatening injuries. ... more
Sri Lanka ends search for garbage survivors as toll hits 32
Colombo (AFP) April 19, 2017
Sri Lanka on Wednesday ended the grim search for survivors five days after a huge garbage mountain collapsed onto a slum, killing 32 people and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of residents. ... more
New solar power on tap for India
Washington (UPI) Apr 10, 2017
A contract for a new solar project in India could help the country reach its goals for renewable power capacity, French energy company ENGIE said. ... more

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'Personal flying machine' maker plans deliveries this year
Washington (AFP) April 24, 2017
A Silicon Valley "flying car" startup, Kitty Hawk, reportedly backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, released a video Monday of its airborne prototype and announced plans for deliveries of a "personal flying machine" this year. "Our mission is to make the dream of personal flight a reality. We believe when everyone has access to personal flight, a new, limitless world of opportunity will op ... more
Brasilia (AFP) April 25, 2017
China's HNA buys stake in Rio airport: Brazil official
Minden, NV (SPX) Apr 25, 2017
Pressurized Perlan glider reaches new high altitude on journey to edge of space
Washington (UPI) Apr 20, 2017
Kazakhstan buys two more Airbus C295 aircraft
Free rides offered by Alphabet's Waymo autonomous cars
San Francisco (AFP) April 25, 2017
Waymo, the self-driving car unit of Google parent Alphabet, is offering free rides to residents in Arizona as it accelerates efforts to bring autonomous vehicles to the public. The rebranded Google car division announced in a blog post late Monday it was taking applications to be part of its "early rider" program in Phoenix, the capital of the US state, and its suburbs. "We'll be accep ... more
San Francisco (AFP) April 25, 2017
Uber sets 'flying car' launch for 2020
Washington (AFP) April 26, 2017
Rideshare rivals Gett, Juno join forces
Shanghai (AFP) April 19, 2017
Automakers see promise in China car-sharing
U.S. emissions generally lower last year
Washington (UPI) Apr 10, 2017
The only U.S. sector where emissions of carbon dioxide increased last year was in the transportation sector, an Energy Department division reported. A daily brief from the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported CO2 emissions from the transportation sector increased 1.9 percent from 2015 levels. Emissions directly from motor gasoline increased 1.8 percent and the overall sector ... more
Washington (AFP) April 3, 2017
World Bank urges more investment for developing global electricity
New York (AFP) April 3, 2017
US states begin legal action on Trump energy delay
Paris (AFP) March 28, 2017
Program to be axed saves energy in LA buildings
Clarifying the mechanism for suppressing turbulence through ion mass
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Apr 26, 2017
Seeking to further improve plasma performance, from March 7, 2017, plasma experiments utilizing deuterium ions, which have twice the mass of hydrogen, were initiated in the Large Helical Device (LHD) at the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS). In numerous plasma experiments being conducted in countries around the world, the use of deuterium is improving the confinement of heat and ... more
Montreal, Canada (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
Bright future for self-charging batteries
Newark NJ (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
A more than 100% quantum step toward producing hydrogen fuel
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 24, 2017
Electrochemical performance of lithium-ion capacitors
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Court deals setback to South Africa's nuclear ambitions
Johannesburg (AFP) April 26, 2017
A South African court on Wednesday halted the government's accords with several countries to develop new nuclear power stations, a victory for NGOs and other critics of the plan. The High Court in Cape Town ruled that the administration had failed to allow adequate public consultation for preliminary agreements with Russia, South Korea and the United States to build eight reactors. Envir ... more
Paris, France (SPX) Apr 21, 2017
Andra continues Areva contract to operate its Aube Surface Disposal Facility
Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Apr 19, 2017
The critical importance of Predictive Power when building NPPs
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 13, 2017
AREVA NP Signs Contract for Outage Services at Farley Nuclear Generating Station
New survey hints at exotic origin for the Cold Spot
London, UK (SPX) Apr 26, 2017
A supervoid is unlikely to explain a 'Cold Spot' in the cosmic microwave background, according to the results of a new survey, leaving room for exotic explanations like a collision between universes. The researchers, led by postgraduate student Ruari Mackenzie and Professor Tom Shanks in Durham University's Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy, publish their results in Monthly Notices of the Royal ... more
Chicago IL (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
First-ever direct observation of chiral currents in quantum Hall atomic simulation
Vancouver, Canada (SPX) Apr 28, 2017
Mathematical model of a TARDIS takes the 'fiction' out of science fiction
Lemont IL (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
Study offers new theoretical approach to describing non-equilibrium phase transitions
Trump targets aluminum in week of trade tensions
Washington (AFP) April 27, 2017
In a week full of trade discord, US President Donald Trump vowed Thursday to take action to boost the American aluminum industry which has been "unfairly damaged" by imports. The industry is "critical" to the defense industry," Trump said at the White House. "We can't afford to become dependent on foreign nations for the aluminum that our military relies on." The Trump administration ... more
Ottawa (AFP) April 25, 2017
Canada's Trudeau says will stand up to Trump on trade
Jerusalem (AFP) April 23, 2017
Israel signs deal to bring in 6,000 Chinese labourers
Tokyo (AFP) April 20, 2017
Japan's exports jump in March
British soldier who killed Afghan fighter freed from jail
London (AFP) April 28, 2017
A British soldier jailed for killing an injured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan was freed on Friday after his sentence was reduced from murder to manslaughter, his lawyer said. Former Royal Marine Alexander Blackman was jailed for life in 2013 for shooting the fighter at close range in Helmand Province on September 15, 2011, after the man was injured by helicopter fire. The sentence was l ... more
Jalalabad, Afghanistan (AFP) April 27, 2017
Two US troops killed fighting IS in Afghanistan
Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan (AFP) April 26, 2017
Traces of death at Afghan base attacked by Taliban
Ankara (AFP) April 26, 2017
Turkey says US, Russia informed of strikes on Kurd militia
MILSATCOM 2017 - 26/27 April, 2017 Colorado Springs
US may stay in Paris climate accord, with caveats
Washington (AFP) April 26, 2017
Signs are mounting that US President Donald Trump's administration may stay in the landmark Paris climate change accord of 2015, under pressure from big business and public support for the agreement. But experts say the final decision, expected next month, is anything but certain, and staying at the table could come with significant caveats, like a weakening of US commitments to curbing gree ... more
Washington (AFP) April 26, 2017
US may stay in Paris climate accord, with caveats
United Nations, United States (AFP) April 24, 2017
UNEP chief confident US will not ditch Paris climate deal
New Delhi (AFP) April 24, 2017
Indian minister ridiculed as bizarre drought plot backfires
Human 2 Mars Conference May 9-11 2017 - Washington DC
Electric Boat selected for $95.6 million ballistic missile tube contract
Washington (UPI) Apr 24, 2017
The U.S. Navy announced it is moving forward with it's Ohio Replacement Program, designed to replace the venerable Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine. A key part of the program includes the missile compartment project, which the Electric Boat Corporation of Groton, Conn., secured in a contract worth $95.6 million to produce 17 ballistic missile tubes, according to the Department of ... more
Manila (AFP) April 28, 2017
SE Asia voices 'grave concern' on N. Korea despite appeal
United Nations, United States (AFP) April 28, 2017
At UN, Tillerson makes case for tougher stance on N. Korea
Manila (AFP) April 27, 2017
N.Korea seeks Southeast Asian support in row with US
Chinese court sentences rights lawyer in secret trial
Beijing (AFP) April 28, 2017
China sentenced a prominent human rights lawyer to a three-year suspended sentence Friday following a secret trial, raising concerns the country is moving to further reduce transparency in high-profile, politically sensitive cases. Li Heping, best known for defending blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng, was found guilty of "subverting state power," the Tianjin Second Intermediate Court said in a po ... more
Hong Kong (AFP) April 26, 2017
Pro-independence activists arrested in Hong Kong
Changsha, China (AFP) April 25, 2017
Trial of China human rights lawyer delayed: supporters
Beijing (AFP) April 20, 2017
Chinese tycoon accuses Beijing of meddling in interview
InterDrone 2017 Las Vegas - Sept 6-8
Congolese plantation sprouts art centre to help the poor
Lusanga, Dr Congo (AFP) April 27, 2017
There is no tap water, electricity or shops in Lusanga, a Congolese town once known as Leverville where the Dutch-British conglomerate Unilever long ran a profitable palm oil plantation. But the 15,000 onetime workers living on the land recently found new hope in a stark contemporary art centre called the "White Cube" which stands somewhat strangely on the African skyline. Funded in part ... more
Djibouti (AFP) April 24, 2017
US Defense Secretary Mattis visits strategic Djibouti
Nairobi (AFP) April 23, 2017
Top conservationist wounded in Kenya gun attack
Rabat (AFP) April 22, 2017
Morocco, US stage joint military exercise
Canadian army to modernize training simulation system
Washington (UPI) Apr 21, 2017
Canada has tapped Cubic Global Defense to upgrade the Department of National Defense's Data Communications Network and Exercise Control Center. Under the $4.5 million contract, the software used by the DCN and EXCON center for the Canadian Weapons Effect Simulation system, or CWES, at the Canadian Maneuver Training Center in Wainwright, Alberta, will be upgraded. DCN and EXCON hardware ... more
Washington (UPI) Apr 20, 2017
Field trials underway for Russia's next-generation battle tank
Washington (UPI) Apr 20, 2017
Australia receives new Hercules armored recovery vehicles
Washington (UPI) Apr 19, 2017
Leidos to provide TUAS support for U.S. Army
Damen prepares training vessel for Australian navy
Washington (UPI) Apr 20, 2017
A new multi-role aviation training vessel built by the Damen Shipyards Group is being prepared to sail to its home port in Australia. Sailing preparations follow the MV Sycamore's successful completion of sea trials and acceptance of the results by representatives of the Australian government, the company announced Thursday. Sea trials included testing of all on-board military sy ... more
Bangkok (AFP) April 25, 2017
Thai junta defends 'cheap' $393 mn Chinese sub purchase
Washington (UPI) Apr 21, 2017
Construction begins for U.K's 5th Offshore Patrol Vessel
Manila (AFP) April 21, 2017
Philippines' Duterte tours Russian warship
Lunar, Martian Greenhouses Designed to Mimic Those on Earth
Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Apr 25, 2017
While astronauts have successfully grown plants and vegetables aboard the International Space Station, NASA scientists at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida are collaborating with a university team to develop long-term methods that could help sustain pioneers working in deep space. Agency researchers believe while there are many challenges for human exploration beyond Earth, they are conv ... more
Miami (AFP) April 26, 2017
NASA spacesuits over budget, tight on timeline: audit
Washington DC (AFNS) Apr 24, 2017
Astronaut Airman launched to International Space Station
Washington (AFP) April 24, 2017
'Better you than me,' Trump tells record-breaking astronaut

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